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Specialises in process flow efficiency improvement within the Automotive, Manufacturing and Customer Service Industries



To provide clear and accurate operational improvement ideas and plans that will better the performance of our customer’s day to day business operations. Our focus is to ensure our customers are fully skilled so as to provide the best customer process and service experience possible, that will ensure their business growth and our future success.

Efficient Solutions specialise in process flow efficiency improvement within the Automotive, Manufacturing and Customer Service Industries. Our aim is to provide effective and measurable improvements in workplace efficiencies that result in growth in your bottom line as well as improved employee and customer satisfaction. We apply proven process flow improvement principles to your business by identifying and removing the causes of inefficiency within the workplace. These inefficiencies are known as waste or MUDA in Japanese. Through a strategic review process that identifies all levels of waste we can develop initiatives to remove these and then establish the standards of operation to improve your business efficiencies. Whether your business is in the Automotive, Manufacturing or Customer Service, we can deliver tangible improvements in business growth, employee satisfaction, financial and customer satisfaction.

Efficient Solutions provides the following services:

Efficient Solutions can also provide a comprehensive evaluation of your current Customer Satisfaction Handling Processes which includes complete reports on findings and targeted action plan as well as staff CS training programs.

It has been said that the key to great customer service is having employees that are completely engaged in your company and strong employee satisfaction.

Part of our CS review process is to identify the your level of employee engagement within your organisation and to introduce improvement measures that will improve and sustain strong employee relations within the business.

This programme is based in the research undertaken by the “Gallup Organisation” into the affect good employee engagement has in relationship to strong customer satisfaction. Gallup determined that without strong employee engagement within the organisation there is little or no chance of staff providing high levels of customer service.

The level of employee engagement is determined through a series of 12 questions, which focus on a “Hierarchical” scale of the employees needs and wants and is based on how the employees respond to each question. The responses to these questions determine employee engagement in three levels, Engaged, Not Engaged, Actively Disengaged.