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Automotive Service

Efficient Solutions has over 25 years of automotive service and parts experience, our ability to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your automotive business is unmatched with positive results to your bottom line. In addition, the process improvements instilled will result in happier and more loyal staff and customers.
A detailed evaluation of your service and parts business with targeted action plan development and training is undertaken with clear measurable objectives and strategies set.

Our Dealership Service Consultation program covers the key seven processes of service operations that make for an efficient, profitable and customer friendly service business. 

The following areas are reviewed and detailed improvement plans put in place;

  1. Service Appointments
  2. Service Reception
  3. Repair Orders and Invoicing
  4. Workflow Control
  5. Quality Control (Fixed right first time on time)
  6. Service Handover
  7. After Service Follow Up

Other areas reviewed are:

  • Service Administration and Management
  • Service Financial
  • Parts support to Service
  • Facilities, tools, equipment and 5S