Efficient Solutions

Solutions for Automotive, Manufacturing & Customer Service Industries

Efficient process flow evaluation

The Concept
Efficient Solutions uses the proven concepts of Lean Production in identifying and removing bottlenecks within the flow of work that hinder efficiency.

Establishment of standard work procedures (SWP) ensures all processes, materials and information flow correctly and all staff can identify where procedures are not followed or may need to be altered to meet a changing business.

Establishing a culture of workplace cleanliness is developed using the 5S principles of Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise  and Sustain. These principles are the foundation to developing efficient work flow and work practices and contribute to employee safety, satisfaction and comfort. In addition the sustainment of 5S will send a clear message that your business is professional.

Understand the current situation
Evaluations are undertaken of all process flow to determine the actual current situation in people, machines, products, materials and information. This information is used to map the flow on Quality, Cost and Delivery. These "Customer Value Stream Maps" can be developed for any type of business. We can then develop improvement plans the 'Ideal State Map" using this bas data.