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Efficient Solutions has over 25 years of automotive service and parts experience, our ability to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your automotive business is unmatched with positive results to your bottom line. In addition, the process improvements instilled will result in happier and more loyal staff and customers.
A detailed evaluation of your service and parts business with targeted action plan development and training is undertaken with clear measurable objectives and strategies

Parts Training is comprised of the following areas:

  1. Parts Inventory Basics
  2. Seven steps to efficient Parts Storage
  3. Parts Inventory Kaizen

Just in time parts logistics is having the right part, at the right time, at the right price, in the right volume whilst utilising the available warehouse space to its maximum efficiency.

  1. Store Parts Vertically
  2. Store Parts by Type
  3. Store Heavy Parts Down Low
  4. Separate Location for each part Number
  5. Store Parts within easy reach
  6. Visually monitor irregular movement
  7. Store parts by Movement